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Healthcare employers do not always find it easy to keep their 1.2 million employees on board. High work pressure, low wages, that is the perception. But is that the whole story? Are people in healthcare often not lacking a career perspective, and could that be the reason for leaving the industry?

Do they actually know what kind of possibilities there are in their field? Or around it? For the social partners in healthcare (employer and employee organizations), this finding was the reason to build an innovative healthcare career tool with FWG. Complete with all profiles, educations, jobs of the future, competences and skills and the possibility to generate personal advice.

The only question that remained was what the platform should be called, what it would look like and how it could be successfully brought to those 1.2 million men and women …

In collaboration with CAOP (our point of contact on behalf of the social partners) we developed a strategy in which use was made of the strength of the constituency. Media toolkits that are used by the employers’ organizations among all employees. We support these decentralized activities with a national PR and online media approach.

Zorginspirator is a name that says what it promises. In addition, a a fresh project style was developed that ties in with the VWS ontdek de zorg campaign and an image concept in which models literally look over the fence (or past it) to see how green the grass is at the other side. Style and concept have been consistently implemented on the portal and in all media communications.

*This project took shape during my employment at Vechtlust

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