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The Foundation for Secondary Education of Amsterdam has nine secondary schools, spread across the city, with different profiles and levels. The question is how can we present the individual schools in an attractive way using an umbrella concept. The aim is to receive as many students as possible during the open days in January, February and March. With the ultimate goal that they choose a VOvA school.

In Amsterdam, in addition to capacities and preference, fate also plays a role in the final school of placement. In addition, the senders are very diverse. The matching process is complex, However the basic question that precedes the choice of school is always the same: “What is it going to be?” This question fits as a campaign theme because it fits seamlessly with the phase the target group is in. Everything is still completely open.

To stay close to the perception of the target group, we have placed nine middle school children at the center of the campaign. Expressive photography, accessible stop motion videos and the schools’ great involvement in making the fundament ensured that the expressions came across as authentic and credible.

The models’ extra-large eyes give a striking twist to the visual concept. With this we depict the doubt. And that ensures identification and recognition.

*This project took shape during my employment at Vechtlust

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